Bomat test

Bomat!Finally I found something at which I am very good. I was asked to do a BOMAT test, and my results very good.

The result summary was as follows:

Your result of 25 correct answers gives you a sten score of 10, which means that about 98% of the reference group achieved a lower score than you, 2% achieved a similar score, and 0% a higher one.

Although I’m happy with the result I still have to see is there is a practical use to all this. The test was quite straightforward. You were shown a number of figures which represented a sequence of evolution’s. The last image was always blank and you needed to select the correct one from a list op possibilities. Not hard in the beginning but it quickly became more complex to figure out the evolution that was displayed.

Ryanair and Leeds

It was the typical spam message that notified us of some very cheap tickets to all over the world. Directly to the trans I thought, but Ana thought different. She started to look around and figure it all out. All the destinations around the world were quickly reduced to only a very few options. From Gran Canaria we could fly for cheap to Leeds and that was about it. Still, a round trip would cost us only 22 euros, so why not, we got the ticket.
Leeds!Four days we were in Leeds, and it was cold and rainy, but we had a lot of fun. We took Alex with us and he loved the early norming breakfasts with bacon, and ofcourse the fish and chips.

Birthday factory

In Alex’ class the parents have agreed to celebrate the various birthdays together. Whenever a couple of kids have had their birthday an invitation is send to all the kids. The party is always in some kind of factory specialized in kids birthdays. In Las Palmas there are a few of these sites and all use the same canvas. Entry, take off the shoes, playing, eat some chicken nuggets, play again, the birthdays kids have to sit on a chair and receive their gifts, unwrap gifts, store gifts in a big bag, play, final dance, put on shoes, receive a bag of candy on the way out.

These celebrations take three hours, and until now this time is adhered to very strictly. Three hours after the beginning you’re outside again. Something accepted happily by all, but still very very un-Spanish.