Doing the dog?

Doing the dog?!English is without a doubt a very important language. Still, in the education we are giving Alex and Alan it is a little less important. For our sons Dutch is much more important. I want them to have at least a basic knowledge of Dutch so that they can manage themselves once in Holland. At school English is also a little less important. Alex’ school focuses more on German, with German classes every day, and English only twice a week.

We still feel that a little English at school, and all the English we can get on the TV should be enough to get a basic understanding. At least, as long as he is not taught incorrectly. At his school Alex got a drawing with the English title “What’s doing the dog?”, the words are in an incorrect order, which make it quite wrong. It should have been: “What’s the dog doing?”. Such a mistake in just once sentence is sure making us a bit worried.

Family update

Alan, Alex en Adrie!Things are going very well with our kids. They support eachother very well, even though sometimes little Alan treats Alex to a bite.

On this picture we are visiting Jardin Canario, the local botanical garden. We went to see if there were any pitangas, but we found none. Still it was not all for nothing, we got to see a lot of Canarian lizards.