Happy 2015!Another year has passed, and even if the years are all quite similar every year still comes with surprises. This year I returned to Spain for most of the time. Working three weeks from home and one in Holland works out much better.

This year Alex turned three. He is getting to be a big boy, and we can already talk about lots of topics. I speak Dutch with him and he replies in Spanish and sometimes with a little Dutch. He does like to be the center of attention, but we presume this is normal for all little kids. At school he is doing very well.

Ana had a quiet year. Still working at the hospital and being a great mother.

We wish everyone a very good 2015!


Sinterklaas will even visit the Canary Islands! Tonight we are all going to the south to see the sint. All the Dutch children have been invited to hotel Barbacan where the Sint will make his appearance. Alex behaved very well the last year, so there is a good change he’ll get a nice gift.

Update: Alex received his present together with a lot of candy. He liked the party a lot and it was nice seing the Sint arrive with a percussion bend, fireworks en the sint in a nice cabrio instead of his usual white horse.


Pasfoto!In Spain even the schools are very commercial. If you want a photo of your kid and his entire class you are required to buy a photo package with a lot of extras. The photo package contains lots of small portrait photos, a calendar with photo, a couple of Christmas cards with photo, a key chain with photo and a few bit portrait photos.

We are lucky that Alex is quite photogenic.