Meat is getting more and more scarce. There are more people every day, and even though we can fit more animals in smaller spaces they can’t keep up with the growth of the human population. In our near future we will have to widen the range of things we eat, and it looks like we will have to include bugs into our diet.

Alex and me have started already. A dried bug it’s all that bad, and if you mix it with something else it should be okay. What surprised me was that Alex didn’t have any problem trying a little bug.

Bugs, Alex and Adrie!

Coincidences don’t exist, or do they?

When Alex was heaving some surgery a few month ago we met another family who’s daughter was having the same surgery as Alex. By coincidence it turned out the the girl, like Alex, had a Dutch father and a Spanish mother.

Later we fount out that our children go to the same school because coincidentally we live quite close to each other.

Month go by and we regularly meet in the street when we take our kids to school. Thanks to them we get in contact with a few more semi Dutch families.

Today I was really surprised by the level of coincidence. While I am at home in Holland, in Noordwijkerhout Ana meets the other family in the street and somehow the conversation turns to the background of the other Dutch father. It turns out that he comes from the same small town as me, Noordwijkerhout.

Truly a remarkable coincidence!


Beer!Una cerveza por favor. This is a much heard phrase in Spain. It is the way to ask for a beer and it is one of the first sentences I mastered when studying Spanish.

But… I will not be needing this sentence anymore because we are going to try and make our own beer. We already have a big package of natural ingredients, two huge plastic buckets a a lot more stuff. I look forward to making a all natural beer.

We need to think about a good name for our beer. Does anyone have any ideas?