1 year

The last year has really been fantastic. It all started exactly one year ago when suddenly I had to hurry and take a plane to Madrid. Alex was being delivered a few weeks early. When I arrived in the hospital I was the first person that could get close to Alex and touch his just a bit. That night we spend together skin-on-skin. Alex was sleeping and I had a body full of adrenaline and a mind filled with emotion.

The first few days were though. We needed to get used to each other. Getting used to our stay in a hospital and getting used to huge numbers of visitors each with their own recommendations. For Ana it was even worst because she needed to recover from her c section and a few months later her gall bladder needed to be removed. Luckily afterwards things went a lot better.

Alex - 1 day!Alex was so small. I can hardy imagine it right now. He was so very small. In one year he grew a tremendous amount. Both physically and emotionally.

Weight: 2.5 kilo
Eyes: Dark blue
Teeth: 0

Alex - 1 year!Now
Weight: 10 kilo
Eyes: Clear blue with some green shades
Teeth: 6

The year passed like a freight train and Alex developed incredibly fast and this is something we love to celebrate. Alex is crawling through our house at very high speeds. He laughs, plays with us, he stands up, eats a lot of things and is still growing very fast. We are curious to see what happens with Alex the next year but undoubtedly it will be a very educational year for both Alex and ourselves.