Carvajal!After living for quite a while in the green part of Las Palmas, Ciudad Gardin (right next to the worlds richest person, the owner of the IKEA) it became time to find a bigger place. Our new apartment is a bit more in the center of the city. The building is well knows as the old x-rated theater but now the building is change to have nice spacy apartments in the center of the city. We now have a garage and a lot of shops nearby.

Alex is very excited because of the move. He is very enthusiastic and sleeps with difficulty. For sure this new found source of energy is because he is now noticing a lot of moving activity around him. He now has two weeks to settle down in his new home and then there will be a big party. His first birthday!!!

11 month checkup

Alex got another shot. He also had to go through a general checkup. He had grown a lot and he now had the following statistics:

  • Weight: 9.130
  • Height: 73 cm
  • Head: 45,7 cm

From now on we can and should add tuna, sardines and avocados and egg to his diet. We also have to give him more chunky food so he can use his teeth a little. Just after his shot he cried a little, but he soon forgot about his trauma. Right after the checkup we went swimming, and it was the first time Alex was enjoying himself in the (pretty cold) water.

Without advertisements

For one year my website contained a small line of text with a small advertisement and now my website is ‘clean’ again. The advertisement that was added to my website was just this line added to one of my old posts:

For sure you know them. The peanuts you like to eat when watching tv, playing free online poker or just when drinking a beer in a bar.

The post was about growing a peanut plant. I made a little over one hundred euros. Easy money.

Learning how to swim

Swimming lessonsOn our island the ocean is an important part of everyday life. Almost everyday we can relax on the beach and there is a wide variety of water related sports. Swimming, sailing, surfing, snorkeling, diving, etc. It is important to have confidence near or in the water and for this reason were going to go to a nearby pool with Alex to take some ‘swimming’ lessons.

Alex is probably to young to learn how to swim, but at least he´ll be able to get used to the water. This week we already threw little Alex with his little swimsuit and little cap, right into the deep pool. What a scare!