We have arrived in Holland. Everything is going well and we are enjoying our month of vacationing. Holland is cold. Much colder that I recorded in my memories, but it is very good to hear people speaking dutch when I’m walking across the street.


Today is the day!Finally! My holidays start today and I’ll be going to Madrid to be reunited with my family.

Because of the early birth I was forced to miss out on the first month of life of my son and although I kept up to date through photos and phone calls it was a very strange situation. But now this strange situation has come to an end. While I was separated my son has grown from 3 to 4 kilos. A growth spurt of 33% that I have missed.

From tonight on we are a family again. Tonight my life as a father starts. A life with a little color and I’m looking forward to it. First we will be some time in Madrid, and then, if the kid is alright well be visiting Holland for 10 days. After our Dutch visit we’ll finally be going to our home in Las Palmas.

First Madrid. Accompanied by some toys, a Jip and Janneke book and our own book. If only my son will recognize his father.