Madeira!At first we were going to go with just three persons, but this quickly changed to six persons. Then the destination changed from Madeira to Tunisia. Eventually we booked a trip to Madeira for four persons and now we are going to attempt to add another person to the already booked trip.

It was quite a struggle to get the plans straightened out but in the end it all worked out. In the beginning of August I’ll be enjoying Madeira. The island of the Madeira wine, the wild canaries and the tasty local fish. Madeira is also know as the island of flowers so it promises to be a nice vacation.


Adventure!‘You are going to do it again’. This is the first thing a colleague told me after I told him about my plans. He was right, I am going to do it again. Live another adventure. I’ve been having the feeling that I would like my life to take a different direction. It may sound strange but I want more from life, much more than I’m getting/achieving now. I feel like adding more risk to my life will help me achieve much more.

Around two years ago I made my first move. It was a gamble. I quit and want for an adventure in the ‘wild’ America. I enjoyed this adventure thoroughly and I want more, just a little different. Three months of living another culture, meeting new people, different relations, different customs, a different language and lots of things different, but still within my grasp.

I decided to go to Madrid. Learning to speak Spanish is the official reason. Ana is also a reason and there are more. I will probably end up in a very hot place. It will most likely be more than three months and for sure I’ll miss a lot of people. I suspect this trip will change me much more than I can now imagine. What ever will be the case, my mind is set, and I’m going to take another risk. I plan to enjoy this adventure to the fullest and I’ll see what happens after wards.

Making sounds

Making sounds!
“making sound (gerucht) is forbidden”

ge-rucht (het ~, ~en)

  1. gossip
  2. any prodced sound, something breaking the silence

What does this Dutch sign mean. It says access prohibited. Clearly you cannot pass over the empty field of grass. But to prohibit making sounds? Are you not allowed to talk about the field of grass, or does any sound effect the empty field? I don’t know what it means and what’s the problem with some sound. Any ideas?…


Last week I ate African food for the first time. It was in a restaurant in Amsterdam, but it had all the elements you would expect. Drinking from half a coconut (filled with African beer), eating with your hands and all the food lay on top of a big edible bread-like plate, which implied we needed to share everything. Very nice!

Guess the song

Who is the first to quess what song these lyrics are from?

But shoot it in the right direction
Make making it your intention
Live those dreams
Scheme those schemes
Got to hit me
Hit me
Hit me with your laser beams