In the US I bought a DVD by Francis Ford Coppola… Koyaanisqatsi – Life Out Of Balance. The music on the DVD is by Philip Glass, and this music is quite depressing but watching the movie at the same time quickly takes you to a special emotional state. All this because some ex colleague once told me about Philip Glass.

It is almost unimaginable that a movie that only contains images and music, without any spoken text, can point out so clearly that we are working hard to destroy our planet. It is probably better to focus on the description of the DVD cover. “Koyaanisqatsi contrasts the tranquil beauty of nature with the frenzied hum of contemporary urban society.”

Oh well, I’ll just go and sit in the sun for a while. :-p


Lasciami qui
Lasciami stare
Lasciami così
Non dire una parola che
Non sia d’amore
Per me
Per la mia vita che
E’ tutto quello che ho
E’ tutto quello che io ho e non è ancora