Toys ‘R Us

I’m really enjoying myself. I just walked across Broadway and am still impressed. First I sort of got lost in a Toys ‘R Us shop and afterwards I got a very big medium milkshake at the Mac. Then I was just walking around the chaos of people, cars, taxis and famous people. :-p

Of course I also went by the Virgin store, looking for interesting trance music. The offer was just huge. Now I’ll spend my last 6 minutes of internet and then I’m off to find some food somewhere.

Oh, even here!!! Sad supporters all dressed up in orange. :-) They are the typical fans of the Dutch football team. Their colors make them easy to recognize, and there are quite a lot, more that I would have expected.

I have arrived!!!!

YEEEEHESSSSS, I have arrived!!!!

And it is really COOL!!! I am in New York, on the 23rd floor of a very small but comfortable hotel… just below Central Park and nest to Times Square.

But first things first, the entire story from this morning. First I drove to Noordwijkerhout at a quarter to seven I believe… afterwards my father and mother brought me to the airport and made sure I passed the customs. After customs I was frisked twice and needed to fill in a long list of questions. All my bags were searched, and people expressed surprise at seeing the large amount of food I brought, but they let it pass.

I ended up inside the plane and spend quite some time listening to music I brought on my mp3 player. I arrived in New York half and hour early where I was questioned again and my bags were searched again. Still I was able to pass the checks quite fast and then I was in. :-D

In New York I took the subway to my hotel, and when I left the subway and made my way to the surface I was really surprised. Everywhere I looked I saw huge buildings, shops everywhere, yellow cabs everywhere… really nice and my hotel was right in the middle of it all :-p

The time here is 2 minutes past 4, so you can calculate the difference yourself. Internet is everywhere and right now I’m in an easyinternetcafe, that is located just next door to my hotel. Now I only need to get MSN running.

My phone is just as expected useless. I’m going to have to get a new one. Also I need to get some public transport card for a few days and of course a camera…


I am leaving… My passport is nearly expired, so I will probably have some issues, but I have good hopes that I will be in America this afternoon.

I hope I will not miss you guys that much, but in this day and age online access is available everywhere and the world is getting smaller and smaller, so keeping in contact should not pose any problem.

See you in 2 months :-)


Murphy’s Law strikes again. I thought about making a backup of my website just before I leave. During this backup I notices there was an anonymous user with access to MySQL, and this seemed weird. The account did have a password associated, but still, I deleted it.
And that was the end of WordPress. No more blog. :-(

At least until I returned that annoying anonymous user… another thing learned.


Hurray! Today is my birthday :-p. The first few months in this new year of my life are looking very interesting.

I am busy packing and checking if I have everything. Still a couple of friends have decided to come by tonight. That means beer, soda, chips, nuts, cake, and you name it! And all that just while I was trying to empty my fridge and freezer by eating everything. ;-)

e-Tickets and vouchers

Yes, everything arrived :-)

I received by ticket via email. Apparently only the bar code is important. I also have a voucher for a car and a voucher for my first two days in a hotel. Everything was arranged very fast thanks to Tioga Tours, a company that I found out about while reading forums about traveling to America on Fok!.

I’m looking forward to it!


Making a phone call in America is done in a different manner as in Holland. Why, I will probably never understand, but I do understand that only with a very expensive phone it is possible to make calls in both countries. My free Postbank mobile is useless in America, so I won’t be taking it with me.

My plan is that once I arrive in America I’ll go and find a cheap prepay phone and inform my family at home about the number.. maybe I’ll even post the number on this blog. The change anyone will abuse the number is small, because any international call will cost the caller a small fortune. :-p

Of course I’ll check my emails, at least if it’s send to the correct address. I’ll also try and post some of my adventures here online. There is no reason to panic, just be patient and for sure I’ll send some note in the next three months.

Time weirdness

Just received my flight details..
Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2004
From: Schiphol Arpt, Amsterdam Netherlands
To: John F Kennedy Intl, New York NY – U.S.
Departs: 11:00 AM Arrives: 1:10 PM
Date: Sunday, August 29, 2004
From: San Francisco Intl Arpt, San Francisco CA – U.S.
To: John F Kennedy Intl, New York NY – U.S.
Departs: 8:25 AM Arrives: 4:45 PM
Date: Sunday, August 29, 2004
From: John F Kennedy Intl, New York NY – U.S.
To: Schiphol Arpt, Amsterdam Netherlands
Departs: 6:25 PM Arrives: 8:00 AM Next Day

When I leave it will take me 2 hours and 10 minutes. Pretty good time, but when I return I will have to face a massive 20 hours and 55 minutes of flight time! Incredible!


Tattoo as I remember it!Parkpop was the best! Of all the performing acts I did not know any, but this really did not interest me. Parkpop was nice because it started of with a premature birthday gift from Cees, a bottle of Goldstrike! This gift made sure we all enjoyed Parkpop that much more.

Afterwards we then to the central train station in The Hague and we stopped by at the Burger King, here instead of just eating a hamburger we met someone special. A girl that claimed to be a Playboy bunny. She told us she would be published in the Playboy magazine in August or December, and would have one entire page for herself.

She could be easily recognized because she had an tattoo of a rose and a heart in the center of her (pretty nice) right breath (for the viewers, for herself it was the left breath). The only sad thing is that I already forgot her name (I think I recall it being ‘Amanda’), but I do recall she lives near the the Hague central station.

Curious.. :-p


Yesterday I (finally) finished Good Omens… and the book left me impressed. The moral of the story was that there will always be good and evil and there will always be a balance between the two. Good cannot exist without bad and bad cannot exist without good.

A few years ago I purchased an ebook by Scott Adams, ‘God’s Debris’. It was my first and for now last ebook. The reason I bought this book was because I wanted to try the ebook concept and see it is really useful, and I like books from Scott Adams. The first thing I did was try and see if I could hack the ebook format, and get the text in an editable form and this was actually pretty easy. With the text I made a nice little book, and this paper version I used to read the story.

But this post is not about the ebook format, it is about the contents. A content that is very similar to the Good Omens book. At least in my head. The style of writing of both authors is very different, and both stories don’t even resemble, but still I sense there is a connection. It is a strange sensation that the discovery of some kind of relation between these books makes me feel somehow special.