Recognizable game

As a test/hobby project I have been building a game similar to minesweeper, but with a completely different theme. Instead of looking for mines you will need to look for mushrooms. The game logic was easy because it is shared lots of times online. The entire app structure was for me, and was basically what I wanted to learn/achieve. What I was missing was the assets. Images and sounds to make it all look perfect. For this I used fiverr and I hired an indonesian guy to make around 20 images for me. Great to have such a huge international marketplace. What I am still missing it some soundeffects. I will probably try and convince the kids to help me with this, because Alex has already showed me he does this very well, like the shooting effect in our stopmotion.

DatePad Mobile

DatePad MobileThere is a new DatePad!

DatePad was a great tool for Windows, but sadly the software did not survive the update from 32bit to 64bit. The software did not work anymore and I never made a new version. I simply did not have the time for it.

Recently I got involved with a new development environment and got to build a small app to see how everything works. It did not take long for me to decide to rebuild the old DatePad but now for a mobile platform.

The result is a super simple and easy app for Android. You can find the new DatePad Mobile in the Google play store.

Windows 10 and Ubuntu

Win10 Ubuntu!There was a lot of controversy about the latest version of the Windows operating system by Microsoft. It has been available for over a year, and in the beginning an update from an older version was even free. I like Windows 10 and I feel it is easy to customize to your own needs. The controversy originated by how this new version was introduced very aggressively. The new version was basically force-fed to the users.

The reasons for forcing the new Windows on to the users are unclear. Maybe Microsoft acted on their best intentions. Away with lots of old versions. People who really would not notice the difference and who would get a safer system. But maybe Microsoft was more devious and just wanted people to use a new Windows to keep a closer eye on their users, and at the same time be able to send them more commercials and other unwanted services.

I was quite happy with the new Windows version. A happiness which was enhanced even more recently during a mayor (free) update. Windows now offers an optional Linux subsystem as a part of its core functionality. Linux (or more specifically Ubuntu) that used to be one of the big competitors of Windows, now works from within Windows where both operating systems seems to work happily together.

The big advantage is that it is now possible to run Linux software directly in Windows, and there is no more need to mess around with dual boot systems, or emulators, or even entire virtual systems. Now you can simply start a prompt and go.

Still this integration is very new. There are bound to be some mayor updates coming our way, but even so the current situation had made me very happy. A lot of tools I use for my work are now available by default without installing lots of additional software.

The brand-new Linux subsystem is not available by default. If you want it you need to follow the installation instructions provided by Microsoft, which as stated require that you have Windows 10 installed.


Bugfinder!What can you do when you find a little critter near your home and suddenly you get curious about what you found? Sometimes it can be very nice to investigate a little more and find out a little more about the bug you found. Lots of little animals have very positive properties and most of them would never hurt a human. Some of them are beautiful, and some have a important role then you might realize.

At Naturalis I contributed to the creation of the Bugfinder app (Dierenzoeker, for now only in Dutch). This fun free app is made for Android and iPhone. You can use the app to find out what bug you found and read all about it. The app is easy to use, made specifically for children from 7 to 11 years, but also very nice for all adults.

Ladybug!If you always wanted to find out what the strange yellow ladybug you sometimes find in the garden really is? After a little searching you will find out all about the little bug, including the fun fact that the little animal ‘plants’ his own crops.

With 300 little bugs and critters for sure you will be able to name a lot of the animals you find around your home.


Dog!Cat!The wait is finally over. Cats and Dogs, Boys and Girls, a never ending battle between men’s best friends, combined with the most epic battle of all, the battle of the sexes. Action-packed in just half a minute of gaming frenzy.

An easy and exiting game, now playable on your Android phone. Practice your reflexes as you try to keep up with all the action on your mobile. This hot new game is available as an Android App on Google Play now and best of all, totally free!

The object of the game is as easy as it is challenging. Select either cats or dogs and boys or girls and start the action. Avoid touching the wrong animal or gender. Are you able to get the high score of the day, while only playing one minute? Don’t wait any longer! Get this game now!

View the all time high scores and today’s best scores.

Without advertisements

For one year my website contained a small line of text with a small advertisement and now my website is ‘clean’ again. The advertisement that was added to my website was just this line added to one of my old posts:

For sure you know them. The peanuts you like to eat when watching tv, playing free online poker or just when drinking a beer in a bar.

The post was about growing a peanut plant. I made a little over one hundred euros. Easy money.

Going with the flow

After quite some years it got time to make some updates. A fresh new look for my blog with a little less fuss and a nice changing image in the header.

The WordPress theme I’m now using is called twenty eleven (2011), so I’m just in time, because I would not want to change to something that is already outdated.

Even more easy money?

Easy Money!In the recent past I was approached and asked if I would consider placing a link with an add on my website. At first I declined the offer but when they made me a better offer and explained the terms I got interested. Now, somewhere on my website there is a little line of text containing a little add and a link to the advertisers website. To find the add you will need to search a lot on my site.

I figured I had gotten lucky and the money I received I transferred to the account of little Pek, thus cleaning my conscience. That was it, I thought.

The next offer followed surprisingly fast. Another company also wanted to place an add on my website and politely asked my what were my tariffs for the various options. They were interested in these possibilities:

  • Text link from the index page
  • Text link on every page of my website
  • A sponsored post

The problem is that after my previous experience I did some research and found out that in Holland it is more or less illegal to advertise any gambling related thing. Of course living in Spain probably make these rules not apply to me.

The article from the law for games of chance:

Article 1
Subject to this Act it is prohibited::

give opportunity to win prizes or premiums, if the winning takes place by chance determining which participants win and with participants generally having no influence, unless authorized under this Act;
give opportunity, promotion or have such documents intended for publication or distribution to stock for participation to items referred to under a;

Just stimulating gambling is illegal, and placing a simple link maybe falls under this scope.

I’ll just see what happens.

Another miss with Google+; I want integration!

Puzzle!My digital life started a long time ago with a small website of a server of the University. Afterwards the website moved to xs4all. Later it moved to the Digital City Leiden. Followed by Geocities and finally to my own domain The last few years my site has been located on

First the sites were just static HTML. Afterwards PHPnuke, and afterwards WordPress for my blog and Gallery for the pictures. Now I just use WordPress and am looking into a combination of WordPress and Drupal for the future.

This is my current situation. My own blog, and various profile pages and publications, messages, software, pictures, movies, etc. all over the place. A lot of things have their own little spot and are located in a specialized part of the internet. To me it seems logical.

Information should be available everywhere but right now the fragmentation this causes makes it very difficult to get a clear over all picture. I want integration! There are a lot of tools online that don’t integrate at all. The problem is that everyone wants to keep the things they have and the things they get. The same with information. Once I type something somewhere this becomes an asset for the company where I wrote it. Sharing this information makes it loose some of it’s uniqueness and consequently some of it’s value. When you loose value as a company this will probably translate into loosing advertisement dollars.

There are a lot of different places on the web to leave content of value behind. Facebook, Hyves, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Drupal, Reader, Gmail, etc. All these sites have little integration and they all strive to keep the consumers on their sites. It is not uncommon to have similar discussions going on on different sites that are not technically related. This sometimes requires people to create (write down) the same content (or opinion) on different places.

The new social web 2.0 is a nice step upwards from the old information web but the next web needs to change to survive. It is weird but everyday I visit the same list of websites to keep up to date. Sometimes I add or remove a website, but the new web foremost needs to integrate services. The social web needs be really get a single face. We need to take away the need to post the same opinion over and over. We need to take away the confusion about where the most recent discussion is taking place and who are leading the discussion. The new Google+ is exactly the same as all the stuff we already have. We are still at 2.0 and we’re not moving forward.

I don’t want to visit the same list of sites every day to see partly the same information spread all over the place. All this searching and checking is a tremendous waste of effort. I want a single way to find information and find all related information at the same time.

I don’t want my software, pictures, opinions, messages all in different sites with all of then their own counters and comments. I just want all in one!