Miranda had had enough! She did not want to have anything to do with pigs ever again. What a horrible animals that disappear without a trace. Thomas tried once more to find his friends without Miranda noticing but even he did not find a trace of the pigs. It seemed they had left for good. Thomas could only hope for the best and assumed they were some place safe.

The next morning Thomas noticed something strange. There were more cows then usual walking on his fields. Thomas walked a little bit closer and took a good look.

Then a big smile appeared on his face. There were three extra cows which were really his three best friends, disguised as cows!

Every day the pigs disguised themselves as cows and enjoyed the open fields, the sun and the soft grass.

Every evening they returned to their shed where they enjoyed the acorns Thomas brought them and had big parties until the next morning.

Valentine in disguiseCow