Miranda started walking in the direction of the pigs and came closer and closer, until suddenly she recognised Valentine. There appeared a big smile on her face and from a distance she screamed ‘Valentine, friend! Welcome home! How are you doing?’. Valentine was very scared and did not know what to reply. Thomas woke up from the scream and started running to see what was going on. ‘Oh no!’, he realised that Miranda had discovered the pigs.

In order to not upset Miranda, Thomas acted as if he too was surprised to see the pigs. Miranda did not suspect a thing. She was way to happy now that Valentine was back and he even brought some friends to her farm. Miranda offered the pigs to stay on the farm where they could eat all the acorns they wanted. Although shaking with fear Valentine, Flor and the piglet Alex accepted her offer to stay because they did not know what else to do.

After all those emotions everyone tried to go to sleep again. Miranda could not sleep, because the was making plans for the pigs the entire night. Thomas could not sleep because he spend the night trying to think of some solution and the pigs could not sleep, because they were very frightened.

After a few days Miranda had thought of a plan and she called Thomas and told him her simple plan. She wanted to eat one of the pigs. Miranda was enchanted by the taste of pigs meat and she wanted to slaughter and eat at least one. Thomas could select which one they would eat; Valentine, Flor or the little piglet Alex. For Thomas it was a horrible ordeal. He had started to love the pigs and absolutely did not want to kill and eat any of them but for Miranda it was a clear case. She gave Thomas one week to decide and then one of the pigs would have to be killed and eaten.

That week Thomas had a lot of difficulty sleeping. He could not make a decision and every time he brought the pigs their acorns he felt terrible. The pigs were also very upset. They knew what was going to happen but did not want to leave because eventually they would be noticed and would all be in danger. Also they did not want to break Thomas' heart.

The night before the slaughter Miranda could almost taste the pigs meat in her mouth out of anticipation. She told Thomas it was time to make a decision. She said, ‘Valentine is a good choice, because he weighs about 150 kilos and that is an enormous amount of meat. Also Flor is a good option, because the meat of a female pig is very tender. You could also choose the piglet. It is the youngest and has the most tender and juicy meat’.

On the day itself Miranda was resolved. She placed a sharp knife in Thomas' hands and together they walked in the direction of the little shed. But when they arrived there awaited a big surprise. There was not a pig in sight. All the pigs had disappeared without a trace.

Miranda got angry and started searching the farm. Every field, every shed and even all the rooms of the house but she did not find any pig.

Thomas was equally surprised and promised Miranda he did not have any idea about what had happened. He had lost his best friends again and he did not know how.