Valentine was very sad that he had to leave his friend Thomas but after getting a taste of freedom in the sweet warm sun he had gotten excited about a new adventure out in the fresh air.

At the moment of goodbye Thomas accompanied Valentine to the entrance of the farm and after a soft embrace they said their goodbyes, both wishing to see each other again some time soon.

Thomas had tears in his eyes and with pain in his heart he gave Valentine a last big bag of acorns and watched sadly as Valentine slowly walked away from the farm.

Valentine did not have a clue about where to go and he could not remember how it felt like to be free. Confused and overwhelmed by the green fields he started walking without direction.

After some days Valentine arrived disorientated in a small town that somehow felt familiar. He walked into the town and saw a little house hidden in the bushes.

The house was painted green and had a big garden that was full of little white daisies. Inside the house Valentine noticed an attractive sexy silhouette. His curly tail moved up and he felt a strange sensation in his belly. The only thing he could do was knock on the door. ‘Knock, knock, knock!’.

Nobody answered and the door remained firmly closed. The silhouette had disappeared and the only thing he could hear was an awkward silence. Valentine could not believe the silhouette he had seen was part of his imagination and he remained near the house. He walked around the house a few times but did not hear or see anything out of the ordinary. It remained quiet and when Valentine got tired he decided to have a little nap in the field of soft daisies.

The next morning when he was waking up he opened his eyes and saw the beautiful silhouette standing right beside him. The silhouette said to him, ‘Hello, my name is Flor, what are you doing here?’.


Valentine, intoxicated by her beauty could hardly speak. He stuttered when he told her his story. Afterwards Flor invited him to go inside. Once inside the house of Flor she told him it was dangerous outside. ‘In the neighbouring villages they have started the Slaughter’.

Valentine had never heard of that word. ‘What does Slaughter mean?’ he asked innocently. Flor, who was surprised to find that he did not know what she was talking about started to explain. ‘We are pigs, very useful animals because our meat is tasty and juicy. Every part of our bodies is fit for consumption. Our ears, our legs, our nose, our thighs, our ribs, everything’.

Valentine could not believe what he was hearing. At one moment he was send off his farm for being a useless and stinky animal and now, all of a sudden, he was an endangered animal because of his tasty meat. Just thinking about his ribs on the barbecue made his entire body shiver.

After evaluating the situation he decided it was best to hide together with Flor in the green house on the edge of the forest. Flor explained that he was welcome to stay but should not open the door for anyone and that he should always be careful and not make to much noise. In the house they had a supply of food that would last them several months, so they could wait without problems for the spring season. By then the Slaughter would be over and they would be safe again.