The market

A long time ago after a long journey a young farmer named Thomas arrived in a small distant town. Thomas was a courageous brave man who, together with his wife Miranda, wanted to start a new life as a farmer. They had bought a small farm and the only thing they were still missing were some farm animals.

One morning Thomas got up bright and early and started walking full of anticipation to a neighbouring town. This town had a market where they sold all kinds of animals.

The market was huge with lots and lots of corridors which led Thomas as through a maze past strange new smells and sounds.

At the market they had a lot of different animals for sale and Thomas had to think about which animals he needed to buy and which would be most beneficial to have on his farm. He did not have a lot of money so he needed to think well about his purchases and buy only the animals that they needed the most.

While walking across the market one of the first animals he encountered were chickens. They were quietly picking seeds from the ground and were healthy looking, with soft feathers and a shiny orange beak which you could see reflecting the light from some distance. Thomas thought that these animals would be easy to take care of and he imagined himself gathering fresh eggs every morning. He decided to buy a nice pair.

In the next stall he noticed a number of sheep, covered in soft white wool. This wool would be perfect for Miranda and she could use it to make nice warm clothes. He bought some sheep and continued his walk across the market.

At the end of the path he heard a familiar sound, ‘miaow, miaow!’. Thomas thought about the farm and that it would probably house quite some mice and a cat would help them to make these mice disappear. Thomas liked the idea of a farm without mice and bought a pretty black kitten with beautiful green eyes.