Thomas and Valentine

A heartwarming fairytale about Thomas, a brave young farmer, who develops a friendship with a strange unknown animal. However... his wife has other plans.

A tale about loss, intrigue, love, despair and happiness. An instant classic to read to your children which they will want to hear over and over.

An elegant, traditional story that will make you wonder why it was not written before.


Title: Thomas and Valentine
Authors: Adrie Berg, Ana Sánchez de Abajo
ISBN: 978-1-4478-1373-6
Copyright: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 40
Category: Children's Fiction
Keywords: Fairytale, Adventure, Farm, Pig, Friendship, Freedom


Adrie Berg is a Dutch engineer in information technology with a unequivocal positive mindset who efficiently conceptualizes his ideas. His background facilitates a structured flow of thought. His compassionate writing style is fluent, direct and graceful. His skill of verbalizing emotions is sometimes overshadowed by his tendency to accept the less than perfect.

Ana Sánchez de Abajo is a Spanish scientist in the field of biochemistry with a phenomenal imagination capable of thinking outside the box. Her style is immersed, imaginative, abundant and poetic. Her talent to translate her clear-cut understanding of social concepts to content is enhanced by her strong natural desire for perfectionism.

The combination of these occasionally contrasting styles proved fruitful. A union that gave rise to a beautiful dramatic composition. Together these authors present this virtually authoritative fairytale about Thomas and his friend that will touch the reader in ways never thought possible.


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