Pokino – A mix between Bingo and Poker.

Pokino is a typical Spanish game of cards. It is a mix between bingo and poker. You bet some money for each game, and try to win it back. Simple.

What you need is: 1 deck of Spanish cards, one or more gamesheets for each player, 6 glasses or containers to hold the money.

Make your own Pokino game
To play you need to download and print the ten gamesheets. These are 10 different sheets, each containing the image of 25 cards from the spanish deck.

Mark the glasses or containers with the following texts: “POKINO”, “CENTRO”, “4 ESQUINAS”, “POKER”, “ESTAMPA” and “FULL”.

Playing Pokino
Pokino - GamesheetAll players have one gamesheet. Every player puts some money (for example: 5 cents) in each of the 6 containers. 5 cents in the container marked “POKINO”, 5 cents in the container marked “CENTRO”, 5 cents in the container marked “4 ESQUINAS” etc., etc. This means that you will always have to pay 6 times your bet.

Shuffel the deck and place it up side down on the table. Take one card from the top of the deck and show it to the players. The players check their gamesheet, and if the card in on there they mark it (by placing something on it)

You win the contents of (a single) container when you get a special combination on your gamesheet. The special combinations are also listed on the bottom of the gamesheets. When you get a certain combination you win the contents of the corresponding container with money. The winner of a combination calls out the name of the combination and takes the money from the container. If there are more winners the money is split.

The game ends when the “POKINO” combination is called. All the wages that are still in the containers remain their for the next round. This way, difficult combinations like the “FULL” will increase in value after some games, because the container will contain more and more money.

Pokino - Pokino
A random horizontal, vertical or diagonal like on your gamesheet. After someone calls the “POKINO” the game ends, and a new game starts. Money that is still in the containers remains there, and all players have to put their bets in all the containers for the new game.

Pokino - Centro
The card displayed in the center of your gamesheet

Pokino - Esquinas

The four corners. The cards displayed in the top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left of your gamesheet.

Pokino - Poker

The 4 cards with identical values on the first line of cards on your gamesheet.

Pokino - Estampa

The combination of four cards in a corner. This can be the combination of four cards in the right top, left top, right bottom or left bottom of your gamesheet.

Pokino - Full

The entire second row of your gamesheet. When you win the “FULL” you automatically also win the “POKINO” and a new game starts.

There are 10 different gamesheets. All have different card combinations. Each gamesheet contains images of 25 cards. On the bottom of the gamesheets there is a listing of the winning combinations.

You can download the gamesheets in normal resolution (2.5mb) or you can download the gamesheets in high resolution (25 mb).